Zenbo is a robot that is as cheap as a smartphone

A robot as cheap as a smartphone
A robot as cheap as a smartphone

Finally, we have a robot that is as cheap as a smartphone although how much a smartphone costs depends on what sort of smartphone you can afford. But even if there is a robot, a functional robot, that you can purchase at the cost of even the most expensive smartphone (I’m not talking about the smartphone made of gold or diamond), it is a big achievement in the field of robotics.

The company that has made this robot called Zenbo is Asus. The robot can talk, can perform basic functions like switching on-off lights, has a touch screen to show emotions and provide digital assistants and it can also move around easily. All at the cost of a smartphone! Zenbo costs just around $600.

Here is a nice video that explains various things that Zenbo robot can perform as your personal assistant:

It can respond to voice commands. It can keep your kids entertained and it can also take care of the elderly. It can remind you of important to-do things. It can help you schedule. It can help you order items online. It can find you online recipes. It can take photos. It can turn on/off your TV for you. Basically, whatever a smartphone can do, Zenbo can do. Just imagine, a Wall-E-type robot for yourself, as cheap as a smartphone. It can also dance to your favourite song. According to official statement from Asus, Zenbo is an android tablet on wheels.

But unlike a usual tablet, Zenbo can move around. It has built-in sensors to avoid it bumping into objects. It doesn’t even fall off stairs. There are speakers and microphones. A full charge can last a complete day. This is lots of power and gadgetry for something as cheap as a smartphone.

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