YouTube TV is here: if you wanted to watch your favourite TV channels on YouTube, your wait is over


Haven’t had enough of your favourite TV channels? Are you still looking for a good Freeview box recorder? Have you been trying to figure out how to watch your favourite TV channels on YouTube so that you don’t have to leave the device you are currently using? For example, many would like to watch TV on YouTube so that they can go on watching on their PCs, laptops and mobile phones. Well, if you are among those who have always wanted to watch their favourite TV channels on YouTube, your wait is over. Now you will be able to watch YouTube TV.

Is YouTube TV going to be another nail in the coffin of the conventional cable TV infrastructure? Most of the TVs these days come with Internet connectivity and with bandwidth being quite affordable these days, it makes no sense using the conventional cable TV connection. The slight difference is that when you go for a cable TV connection, you are not paying extra but in the case of a service like YouTube TV or Netflix, you are also paying for the Internet connection. But the convenience that comes with using YouTube TV or Netflix makes it all worth it. However, there are still lots of people sticking to satellite TV and making use of the deals that you can see here. It is likely that it will take a very long time for people to start watching TV on Youtube TV only, particularly those within the older age bracket. Furthermore, lots of people, particularly in the USA, have cable TV and use it because of the fantastic benefits it brings. As these cable tv statistics in 2020 show, it’s certainly not on the decline!

With YouTube TV you will get an unlimited storage space if you want to record your favourite TV programs and game shows. You get a cloud DVR with unlimited storage, AI-powered search and personalisation and access to the original YouTube Red programs, according to this official YouTube blog post.

Will YouTube TV be able to compete with Netflix and Hulu? Remains to be seen. Right now, at around $35 per month it seems to be an expensive proposition especially compared to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. For $35 per month, aside from cloud DVR (which will likely be thought about when people what to consider when looking at the options for the best DVR on the market) with limited space and access to 40 prime TV channels, you will also have 5 accounts, which would mean your 5 family members can use the subscription on their devices.

Due to Netflix many households have stopped watching live programming for a long time and only sports and news channels are watched live. Why would someone go through the trouble of manually recording live TV programs if they come pre-recorded in Netflix?

The service isn’t going to be available everywhere in one go. It will be gradually introduced in different countries.

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