YouTube will be streaming live TV by 2017

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YouTube will be live streaming TV channels by 2017

The integration of your standard television experience with YouTube will be complete when the video streaming website starts streaming live TV by 2017. The non-availability of live TV over most of the video streaming websites is the biggest hurdle in the way of totally doing away with cable TV networks and solely relying on video streaming services. This is a big reason why despite spending money on Netflix our family still subscribes to the regional cable TV service.

The new live TV streaming service from YouTube will be called “Unplugged”, according to this Engadget link. According to the report, YouTube will be providing a bundle of cable TV channels. Google (the company that owns YouTube) are discussing various options with major cable service providers in the US including Comcast/NBCUniversal, Viacom, Fox and CBS.

The clincher would be providing most of the attractive channels from all the major cable TV services rather than plainly going with a single service for live TV streaming. Different live TV streaming packages will be available on YouTube so that you can focus on the channels you want rather than the channels that you often have to choose with the package that comes with the cable TV network.

This is a good development. Once YouTube (and similar video streaming services) start streaming live TV where people can watch their usual favourite channels people can completely stop subscribing to cable TV services and adopt the Internet (in terms of watching TV) fully.

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