YouTube Red is going to offer original programming like Netflix


YouTube Red is a paid video streaming service that isn’t yet available everywhere. It is like Netflix. You can watch programs like movies and serials without advertising by paying a monthly fee. Just like there are many Netflix-produced drama series on the website, YouTube Red is also offering its first ever big budget TV drama, this New York Times update says.

Although the series is still untitled yet, most probably it is based on “Step Up”, a dance movie franchise that has made $650 million worldwide so far on the box office. Lionsgate will be supplying a full season of 10 episodes of 45 minutes as the first season.

In case you don’t know, YouTube Red, as I have described above, is an advertisement-free video streaming service by YouTube. If it is available in your part of the world, it is a $10-per-month service offering exclusive programming and music. The new series is expected to pose a challenge to Amazon’s “Transparent” and Netflix’s “House of Cards”. It is also meant to send a strong signal to the Hollywood creative community that they should create exclusive content for YouTube.

Is it going to be easy? As it has been seen in the past, just because you have got massive traffic doesn’t mean you can compete with established players. YouTube is mostly known for smaller videos. It mostly has user-generated content and a big part of this content is pirated, as has been the recent contention of musicians and artists like Taylor Swift and Paul McCartney. By providing original programming YouTube will be able to establish itself as a serious media company rather than being simply a place for cute cat and cute baby videos which are getting rather boring these days.

A big advantage for YouTube will be that it already has local presence almost everywhere. For example, no matter how obscure a Bollywood song, you can find it on YouTube. Stop a neighbour and ask him what’s Netflix and there’s a big chance that he hasn’t heard the name, but the same is not true for YouTube. Everybody knows what YouTube is.

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