YouTube now has its own social network

YouTube Community is YouTube's own social networking platform
YouTube Community is YouTube's own social networking platform

Social media is practically defined by YouTube but so far the video hosting service hasn’t had the sort of social networking features that apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Vine have. Everything needs to be social these days. People should be able to comment (you can already comment on YouTube videos), people should be able to share (you can already share YouTube videos) and people should be able to use emojis and other graphics to express various emotions (this is something YouTube doesn’t have). So in order to incorporate all these features, YouTube is now going to have its own YouTube Community, a YouTube social network.

The new YouTube Community social networking feature will help you engage more with your viewers. On YouTube you will be able to use, aside from the usual videos, text, live video feedback, images, animated GIFs and all sorts of other media creations as long as they help you express yourself in real time, according to this YouTube blog update.

Recently there was a controversy regarding YouTube discouraging videos that are not friendly to advertisers and many YouTube creators were contemplating leaving the video hosting website and moving to other websites. After all, there are scores of other websites on the Internet where you can upload videos and build a huge audience in a short span of time. Since YouTube solely depends on its users, it has to come up with ways to keep everybody engaged and interested. YouTube Community is an attempt to reassure its star users.

The social networking features in YouTube Community are initially available to just a select few “star” YouTube creators.

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