YouTube live streaming is available to YouTubers with more than 10,000 subscribers


Although video live streaming has been there on YouTube for a very long time it wasn’t available to everybody. Live streaming isn’t still available to everybody, but at least now YouTube has made it available to YouTubers who have more than 10,000 subscribers. So if you are a YouTube content creator and you have more than 10,000 subscribers, you can live stream your video. For those who don’t yet have 10’000 subscribers but want to take advantage of this new live streaming feature, this can be frustrating. However, This article does discuss how you can grow your subscribers, particularly through purchasing them, which is ideal for those frustrated by the restrictions on the live streaming feature. This new live streaming feature has been added to the YouTube mobile app.

Another feature called “Super Chat” has also been added to the live stream YouTube video channel so that viewers can pin their comment after paying some money to the content creator.

Although there are many live streaming apps the advantage of live streaming on YouTube is its massive audience. This new live streaming feature will be especially useful to YouTube content creators who have already built large audiences. It would be just another feature for them that they can use due to the presence they have created.

But the best thing is, it will also be another opportunity for them to make some good money. As mentioned above, in the “Super Chat” feature, viewers will be able to pay the content creators to highlight their comments. They will be able to pay money to the YouTuber for keeping the comment at the top of the stream for 1-5 hours.


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