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Worried that children watched too much YouTube these days with no control over what sort of videos they are watching on mobile phones and tablets? YouTube has decided to take care of that with its latest app called YouTube Kids. The negative side of this development could be that while you might be trying to draw your kids away from using too much online content, YouTube is trying to get them hooked on to another version of its video streaming called YouTube Kids. Right now the app can be downloaded both from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Here is the intro video of YouTube Kids

The YouTube Kids app will have larger images and bold icons so that it’s easier to tap on them with smaller fingers. Voice search is also available. New shows will be exclusively added to the kids’ version of YouTube. There is a greater degree of parental control so you can decide what sort of content your kids can watch. Kids will be able to browse channels and playlists belonging to 4 categories: Music, Shows, Learning and Explore.

According to a YouTube spokesperson, the shows may include selections from ChuChuTV and Kids TV. There is a new season of “Cat & Keet” which is a very popular comedy show by Toonz Animation. There is also a new season of Appu – The Yogic Elephant. Remember the gummy bear song? YouTube Kids you can watch the song in Hindi. There will also be guest-created playlists and kids will also be able to make their own playlists.

Parental control, it being YouTube Kids, is going to be an integral part of the app. You will also be able to set timer for your kids so that an alarm will be sounded when they have watched enough videos.

There are many more settings that can make YouTube Kids as friendly as possible. You will be able to mute the sound so that only video is played. Passcodes and restrictions can be implemented on individual shows and content pieces. Cast feature is also available.

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