YouTube creators can now control trolls by new comments features


Trolling is a big problem on YouTube. You can find nastiest comments on the video hosting website and some comments are so bad that they discourage people from using the platform. Many prospective YouTubers don’t contribute as much as they would like to fearing the sort of comments they would attract. To curb rampant trolling, YouTube has introduced some comment moderation features on YouTube that will allow you to highlight and encourage good comments and filter out bad comments by trolls. Of course these features might be exploited by the traditional media channels that are constantly looking for ways to curb freedom of speech of common folks, these features will come handy for most of the YouTube creators.

YouTube product manager Courtney Lessard has mentioned the following features on the latest YouTube blog post:

  • Pinned comments: Just like you can pin your tweets at the top of your profile timeline, YouTube creators can also pin the comments to find the best. The pinned comments obviously will stay at the top.
  • Liking comments (creator hearts): As a YouTube creator running your own channel, you can also give “hearts” to your favourite comments. This will encourage people to leave good comments (not necessarily fawning comments).
  • Creator usernames: People will be able to distinguish your name from the rest when you leave comments under your own videos. Your username will appear with a bright colour background.

Aside from these, the following features have been introduced (recently or sometime back) that help you moderate your YouTube comments in a better manner:

  • Choose moderators: Once your channel becomes popular on YouTube it becomes difficult to manage the deluge of comments that we believe and many of these comments will need to be moderated. Now you can allow multiple people to moderate your comments.
  • Blacklist words and phrases: I think this also happens in WordPress – you can put on hold comments containing certain words and phrases. The same feature has been introduced in YouTube’s comments.
  • Hold back potentially inappropriate comments from appearing: YouTube has its own intelligence of finding out if certain comments might be inappropriate, abusive or offensive. If you opt in for this feature, these comments will be automatically held back so that you can review them later and approve them manually.

These various ways to control comments shows that YouTube is taking its YouTube creators seriously. As already mentioned above, many people don’t use YouTube to host their videos because of the trolling problem. These new comment features what necessarily eliminate trolling completely, but it may curb it to a great extent.

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