Your iPhone 7 Home button stop working? Here is a workaround


The Home button on your iPhone 7 or for that matter any iPhone is a piece of hardware and just like any piece of hardware, it stops working sometimes. Usually, when your iPhone Home button stops working, you are stuck with a non-functioning iPhone. After all, you need to use your Home button repeatedly in order to be able to use your iPhone. But iPhone 7 has a solution for you in case your Home button has stopped working. As a workaround, it activates an on-screen Home button. The iPhone 7 software is intelligent enough to detect a problem in the Home button and when it detects a problem, it automatically activates an on-screen Home button.

While the Home button not working on your iPhone 7 can upset you but at least you can still use your iPhone. Sometimes you cannot take your iPhone immediately to the repair store and in such situations, you can use the on-screen Home button.

The on-screen Home button may also be a predecessor of an iPhone without a physical Home button. It’s been speculated that the next version of iPhone 7, most probably it will be called iPhone 8, will have an on-screen Home button instead of a physical home button with all the haptic touch capabilities that come with touch screens these days.

So, worried that your iPhone 7 Home button may someday stop working and you may not be able to use your iPhone 7 until you get it repaired? No need to worry. Although you won’t be able to avoid getting your iPhone 7 repaired, at least you will be able to use the on-screen Home button in the meantime.


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