You wouldn’t like to upset this emotional car


When a car goes out of control it’s mostly the fault of the humans involved. But what if the car goes out of control because it is emotionally unstable? Although no automaker would purposely make an emotionally unstable car, the Japanese automaker Honda will soon showcase a concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show next month that may develop its own emotions based on the emotions of the diver.

The name of the concept car is NeuV that will come with an “emotion engine”. This is the name of the artificial intelligence that will enable the machines powering these cars to generate artificial emotions on their own.

Specifics aren’t available whether the car will be reciprocating the emotions of the driver (for example, if the driver is mad at something or even at the car) but according to the details, as says this Washington Post article, gradually an emotional bond will develop between the driver and the car, whatever that means. The experts at Honda say that as the driver uses the car more and more he or she will feel that the car “has become a good partner and thus form a stronger emotional attachment toward it.”

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