You will be fined if you carry a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on a flight


Carrying or not carrying a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone on a flight is no longer about making a choice or just being cautious as a good citizen. Many airlines all over the world, including India, have banned people from carrying their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones on flight, but it seems some people aren’t taking this ban seriously. Now if you carry a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 on a flight, you will be fined, and on many occasions, according to this Recode update, you may also be prosecuted or arrested for not being able to resist carrying your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phone.

As you may already be aware, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones began exploring randomly and Samsung Electronics had to issue a recall. The phone had started causing fires. Even replacements of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobiles seem to be combusting spontaneously. The situation is so bad that Samsung has stopped the production of this faulty model and is even sending fireproof boxes to its customers.

According to the US Department of transportation, “(Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone device) is now considered a ‘forbidden hazardous material’. If passengers attempt to travel by air with their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, the phones may be confiscated and passengers may face fines.”

So if you still want to hold on to your Samsung Galaxy Note 7 just think, is it worth it? Are you ready to pay a fine or even face jail for carrying this phone with you on a flight? Samsung is already giving replacements. You can also ask for a refund.

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