You will be able to watch the original movies and serials on YouTube

YouTube Red

YouTube is gradually moving away from the service where people upload all sorts of random videos and towards an online media streaming company. You will soon be able to watch original movies and serials on YouTube and sometimes, exclusively produced for YouTube.

A few weeks ago YouTube launched YouTube Red: a $9.99 per month service that allows you to watch videos without ads. Along with allowing you to watch videos and playbacks without ads it also provides you additional content as well as an ability to save whatever you want to save off-line to your preferred device for later viewing when you don’t have an Internet connection. As it happens with many services, YouTube Red isn’t available everywhere.

Taking YouTube Red a step further, the owners of YouTube, Alphabet Inc, is going a step further and negotiating with different Hollywood studios and production houses to secure streaming rights. The YouTube executives are trying to bring exclusive shows to the Red subscribers according to this Engadget post.

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