You will be able to use Google Home and Amazon Echo as home phones


Remember those old telephones placed on a desk or fixed on a wall? People used to run to them when someone called. These days everybody has his or her own mobile phone so we rarely use the landline phone.

Life may come full circle for home phones as you may be able to use Google Home and Amazon Echo as good old home phones.

This is funny in the sense that most of the mobile phones were, first phones and then they evolved into cameras, personal assistants, schedulers, instant messaging devices, navigation devices, movie cameras and whatnot. Sometimes, we forget that they are phones. When people write reviews or create video reviews of mobile phones, they rarely talk about the calling feature, the central feature of a mobile phone.

The trend in Google Home and Amazon Echo seem to be reversing. They evolved as home assistant devices and now, both Google and Amazon are contemplating building voice calling into these devices.

Many telephone carriers are already providing calling facilities over the Internet connections. The same may happen with Google Home and Amazon Echo. You may not have unique telephone numbers with these devices but you will be able to make calls, and receive calls over the Internet connection. This way you can have conversations on your phone while walking around inside your house without having to hold a mobile phone which anyways and healthy for longer uses.

Will this feature be useful? It depends. What about the mobile phone number?

Both the companies are considering various options. For example, Amazon Echo may have a call forwarding facility or your existing phone number may be ported to your Home Assistant device. But then there might be some problem using the mobile phone with speakers which is currently not a convenient way of talking on your phone. Besides, if the same number is used for your mobile phone as well as your Home Assistant, it may become problematic when you have to move out or when you are away from your home device.

The best option would be to have a dedicated phone number for the device, just like a telephone instrument, but with all the features that come with Google Home and Amazon Echo. Otherwise there needs to be automatic switching. If people want to use existing mobile phone numbers with their Google Home and Amazon Echo devices, switching between the device and the mobile phone should be seamless.

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