You can’t do shopping yet but you can find the prices of products on Instagram


Recently Instagram introduced Instagram ads and these ads have already started appearing on your timeline. There are image ads and there are video ads. Not everybody likes to see ads but sometimes there are some products that you would like to purchase and in the current ad format, there is no way of finding out how much a particular item costs or what is its price. Instagram has introduced shopping tags that will allow you to know the prices of the products being promoted on Instagram. The photo sharing app will be automatically able to identify different products being displayed in an ad and when you tap on that particular product it will be able to show you the price of the item. For example, as is being described in the image on this Instagram post, there is an image that shows a If women’s handbag and other bits of furniture.


These images from select companies will have a “tap to view” icon at the bottom-left corner of the photo. When you tap the icon all the items in the post having tags will appear. These will show more details about the product such as its price and attributes. You can further click the product and go to the catalogue.

The above image contains the “tap to view” tag and the instant you tap on it, there appear squarish pop-up balloons that give you more information about the products being displayed in the image

Here is the video of this new feature:

Does Instagram make money when people purchase items through their timelines? Not right now. Businesses can simply use the tag to promote their products. Later on Instagram may charge businesses for the ability to showcase their products in front of even those Instagram users who don’t follow them.

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