You can wrap this smartphone around your wrist

A smartphone you can wrap around your wrist
A smartphone you can wrap around your wrist

These days you are getting lots of smart watches and other wearables that you can wrap around your wrist or somewhere else, but how about a complete smartphone that you don’t have to hold – you can simply wrap it around your wrist like a watch? Portal by Arubixs is a flexible, wearable smartphone. This is the video explaining the new gadget:

It’s a normal Android-run smartphone carrying all the standard features but the only difference is that instead of holding it in your hand, you can wrap it around your wrist. The critical, physical feature of the phone is of course its flexibility. The complete body including the screen can be bent. But if you’re not feeling like wearing it, you can also take it out and use it as a normal phone.

It looks sort of big right now but I’m sure as the technology improves, it will look sleeker. Will people use it? It depends. Right now it looks bulky and may deter many people from using it but otherwise, it looks quite convenient, especially when you are unable to hold the phone and still you would like to carry it around.

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