You can use your cat to hack into your neighbor’s Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi hacking chip attached to a cat's collar
Wi-Fi hacking chip attached to a cat's collar

Hacking can be an illegal activity so this blog doesn’t intend to promote it, but such activities can be used for educational purposes. This Wired article explains how a security researcher plans to use cats to hack into neighbors’ Wi-Fis just to prove how vulnerable they can be if proper care is not taken. The small device that can be attached to a cat’s collar costs just $ 100.

Security researcher Gene Bransfield recently fitted a Spark Core chip loaded with his custom-coded firmware, a Wi-Fi card, a tiny GPS module and a battery into the collar of his wife’s grandmother’s cat named Coco and let him wander around in the neighbourhood for around three hours. According to the article, within those three hours Coco was able to map dozens of Wi-Fi networks including four routers that used old, easily broken form of encryption and a few others that were totally unprotected.

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