You can turn off comments in Instagram and also remove followers from private accounts


Instagram is constantly adding new features to make it easier for existing users to feel comfortable using the app and make it more inviting for new users who are only just booting up an instagram username generator. Instagram is mostly a photo sharing app – people and organizations post images and photographs and then their followers react in different manners like “Liking” the photo, leaving comments and also sharing the photo with other contacts on Instagram.

But the comments that people leave can be nasty and offending. Most of the social networking platforms allow you to block comments. In YouTube you can turn off commenting. In many blogging platforms like WordPress you can block commenting or block particular people from commenting on your blog. This is called comment moderation. A feature to filter comments based on keywords is already there in Instagram.

Turning off comments in Instagram

This Instagram post says that soon they will be introducing a feature that will allow you to turn off comments on any post. The ability to turn off comments is already there for a small number of accounts, but after a few days this feature will be available to everybody using Instagram. You just have to tap on the “Advanced Settings” link before posting your photograph and there you can select “Turn Off Commenting”. Later on you will be able to turn on commenting if you want.

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Liking individual comments

Like a particular comment? Just like on Facebook, once this feature is introduced, you will also be able to “Like” individual comments under Instagram posts.

Removing followers from Private Accounts on Instagram

Instagram also has the ability to have private accounts: this means you approve before people can follow you. Private accounts are also there in Twitter. The problem up till now was once you had approved someone in Instagram, it was very difficult to remove those followers. Once new features are activated, you will be able to remove followers from your private Instagram accounts. However, if you want to know how to gain free instagram followers, you should be aware that there are plenty of ways to achieve this.

Anonymous reporting of people who might harm themselves

It seems Instagram has a dedicated team for this. Sometimes, from the posts of your friends on Instagram, you can make out if one of them is planning to hurt himself or herself. Anonymously you can report about the impending disaster and Instagram will take over from there, trying to connect the person with the appropriate organizations.

The most important feature is of course the ability to turn off comments that many Instagram users will appreciate. Trolling has become a big problem whether it is straightforward as in Twitter, or through the comments section. Many social media websites are already incorporating advanced comments moderation features and it’s high time Instagram had them too. Lastly, if you want to improve your Instagram following with an instagram bot. I hear Kenji provide a brilliant service.

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