You can now undo or “unsend” Gmail messages in your iPhone or iPad


This function has been available in Gmail for web and Gmail for Android for a very long time now: the ability to undo or unsend a Gmail message that you have just sent. Google is also bringing this function to iOS. Now you will be able to unsend or undo the Gmail message that you have just sent. Usually you can undo a Gmail message within 30 seconds of sending it (at the most). Hopefully the same time frame will be available to iPhone and iPad users.

What is the need of having the ability to undo a message that you have just sent? Yesterday I accidentally clicked the “Send” button in Gmail (Google apps) for web when I had just started creating a message for one of my clients. Had the client received the message, it would have seemed very odd. Fortunately, I was able to undo the send and the message was saved as a draft.

Android users also swipe left and right to delete or archive messages. This incident has been introduced in Gmail for iOS. If it isn’t yet available with Gmail, at least it is going to be available with Microsoft Outlook for iOS. You can also use Google Search within the Gmail app, a feature that has been available in Android for a long time but has been missing in iOS.


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