You can now shop by voice commands in Google Home


Shopping is an activity no company wants you to ignore because there is big money to be made. Even Facebook Messenger allows you to shop within its interface. This is why every gadget that you continuously use – for example your mobile phone, your PC, your tablet – not only allows you to shop, but constantly encourages you to shop. Both Google and Amazon think that Google Home and Amazon Echo are on their way to becoming household devices that you will be using almost all the time. This means, you should be able to shop by voice commands through these devices.

Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice interface already allows you to shop. Now you will also be able to shop using Google Home, according to this TechCrunch update. Of course you cannot just shop on any website because Google Home doesn’t come with a browser. You can shop with only Google Express partners. It seems, only those companies who are selling through Google Express are available for this shopping feature. Right now, Costco, Whole Foods, Bed Bath & Beyond, Fry’s, Guitar Center, Petsmart and Walgreens are selling their products through Google Express. The availability also depends on where you live. If the delivery centre of the company is nearby, Google Home also gives you same day delivery.

Just like Amazon Prime, Google can give you a $95/year subscription for the Google Express service and deliver for free (by comparison Amazon Prime is much cheaper and the membership also includes access to Amazon Prime), otherwise a delivery can cost you around $4.99.

How do you give a voice command to Google Home to shop for something? It’s quite simple. You just say “OK Google order 1 L milk” and the order will be placed. There has to be a payment method attached to your account.

Amazon has its own dedicated online store so it makes sense for its devices to have shopping capabilities. Google on the other hand does not sell consumable goods but an advantage for Google would be that it can partner with multiple retailers for the Google Home shopping feature.

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