You can now rewind, fast forward and slow down your Snapchat videos

Snapchat fast forward, rewind and slow motion filter

Snapchat has introduced new filters to its video management section that will allow you to fast forward, rewind or slow down the video you have just shot. This new set of filters is called “Speed Modifiers” for videos you shoot on your iOS and Android devices using the Snapchat app.

The set of filters are a bit different from the usual filters that help you change the color of your image or adding different effects to it. With the new “Speed Modifiers” filters you will be able to create the following effects:

  • Slow motion – reduce the speed of your video to create the slow motion effect that will enable people to appreciate the finer details of your piece of work
  • Fast forward – this allows you to quickly skip through the portion of the video that cannot be removed but can easily be skipped so that people see the important stuff as quickly as possible
  • Rewind – if the shot that you have taken is so awesome that it should be viewed even in reverse or if you want to create the effect of The Scientist video by Coldplay you will be able to use this feature

The new filter is being introduced gradually in different parts of the world. The slow motion filter is represented by a snail icon, rewind by the usual backward arrows and the fast forward by a galloping rabbit.

Image source: Mashable

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