You can now directly tell Siri to make a Skype call without launching the Skype app


Making a call from your mobile phone should be a seamless activity. You shouldn’t be made to launch the app first and then make the call. Most of the mobile phone assistants allow you to make a phone call from your present screen. For example, in many Android phones, you simply say “OK Google” and then give the command “Call Sarah” – the phone makes the call. Skype has incorporated the same feature in its iOS version. If you want to make a Skype phone call, simply tell Siri to make a Skype phone call and Siri is going to make the call without you first having to launch Skype and then make a phone call.

This is a great feature in Siri especially for those who routinely use Skype to make phone calls but find it a hassle to 1st switch to Skype and then make the call.


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