You can have an emergency touch lock on your iPhone

You can lock your iPhone by assigning a touch ID from your secret finger

Apple has recently patented a technology that will allow you to assign a particular fingerprint (supposedly belonging to your own hand) to touch lock your iPhone so that someone else cannot access your confidential data, according to this MacRumors post.

If you have been using TouchID on your iPhone you might be aware that Apple allows you to use five fingers. You can add multiple fingerprints to your iPhone’s or iPad’s software to unlock your phone (if you don’t want to use a pin or a pattern to unlock it). What you need to do is, hold down the home button with the specific finger in order to unlock your iPhone or iPad.

But what if you are about to lose your phone and there is no way you can save it from a mugger or a thief? What if, more than the iPhone or the iPad, it’s the data inside that is more precious? By assigning the fingerprint of a particular finger, you can trigger the “Panic Mode” in your Apple device.

How do you trigger the “Panic Mode” on your iPhone? By assigning a secret finger (alright, normally we all have 10 fingers but who knows, some people always have secret fingers stashed inside the pockets) to this specific function. If you press the home button of your iPhone, the TouchID technology, instead of unlocking your phone, realises that you are in distress and immediately limits access to your personal data. This touch lock system can also be tailored to not only lock out your personal information but also completely reset the device, just in case.

The “Panic Mode” can also be used to take photographs or video of the person trying to steal your iPhone. Even if the iPhone is no longer in your possession, the “Panic Mode” can send the captured photographs and video to your iCloud account on its own. Then you can turn these photographs and videos to the police and the offending person can be nabbed. The “Panic Mode” can also turn your iPhone’s microphone on so that you can describe the person who is attacking you.

To deter people from stealing your iPhone, another suggested function is triggering a loud alarm when you touch your home button with the secret finger and this alarm won’t stop unless you can confirm that you are safe. Even a distress signal can be sent to the nearby iPhones.

Many more such functions can be incorporated when the feature becomes fully customisable.

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