You can do live streaming on Twitter now using Periscope

Top Twitter China executive leaves the company

Twitter has gradually started rolling out a dedicated Periscope icon that you can tap to start a live broadcast on Twitter now. The social networking website has been enabling various icons to post different media formats and live streaming is the most natural step forward. There are many websites these days that allow you to broadcast live streams.

This feature is being made available on all the platforms including iOS and Android.

How do you live stream on Twitter?

When you are ready to post a new tweet, just like any other media icon, you can tap on the Periscope icon and start broadcasting immediately. If Periscope is not installed on your phone you will be prompted to install it. There is a video camera icon that you can use to start broadcasting live.

Periscope, if you’re not aware, is an app that allows you to do live broadcasts. Recently it was purchased by Twitter.

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