Yes, there is a mobile app for storing or recording sexual consent

Sexual pre-consent app for mobile phones
Sexual pre-consent app for mobile phones

Lots of problems crop up when you suddenly end up having sex with someone especially when the lines between consent and no-consent seem to get blurred. People are even charged with rape because they couldn’t figure out whether the person was saying yes or no. Poor Julian Assange could have benefited from such an app. Well, now there is an app for that. It is called Good2Go, and here is their official video describing exactly what the app does.

When used, the app, which is available both for Android and iOS, ensures that the other partner does not cry foul in case things don’t go the way they were supposed to. This is how the app works: when you feel that the proximity you have with the other person is going to lead to a sexual encounter, you quickly take out the phone and launch the Good2Go app. After launching the app you have to hand the phone over to the prospective partner. He or she will have to go through multiple choices of “Are We Good2Go?”, “Yes, but …”, “No, Thanks” and if you are in luck then eventually “I’m Good2Go.”.

If your partner chooses “No, Thanks” you get a message saying, “Remember! No means No! Only Yes means Yes, BUT can be changed to NO at anytime!”

Even if your partner selects “I’m Good2Go” it doesn’t immediately mean you’re actually good to go. This option leads your partner to the second screen that asks whether he or she is “Sober”, “Mildly Intoxicated”, “Intoxicated but Good2Go” or “Pretty Wasted”. In case the selected option is “Pretty Wasted” the partner is requested to hand the phone back over to the owner and put an end to all prospects.

There are many other options, but just while writing all these things, I’m just wondering, will people actually go through these procedures in order to ensure consent? Isn’t this app going to be a big mood killer? Just imagine, instead of getting down to the business you’re fiddling with the phone and going through various options. If you are, let us say, “Pretty Wasted” are you anyway going to make a good choice? And besides, even if the person doesn’t choose “Pretty Wasted” he or she is further led to a screen that asks for the phone number of that person if the phone number isn’t already registered, and then the password, and for all you know you may also have to login to your email account and go to the confirmation link. Just imagine doing all this before having sex. This pretty much also tells you whether this app is going to succeed or not.

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