The Yahoo video service Yahoo Screen shut down

Yahoo Screen Video Service

The Yahoo video service, Yahoo Screen, has been shut down. Frankly, did you even know Yahoo had a video service and it was called Yahoo Screen? It shows what a lousy job its promoters must have done. Forget about YouTube, it couldn’t even compete with video service websites like Vimeo, Metacafe and Dailymotion.

But the shut down service was not a video streaming service like YouTube or like the ones mentioned above; it was an on-demand streaming service that was launched in 2013, more in the line with Netflix, Hulu and Amazon. In 2014 is started adding original content. All in all, the platform contained around 1000 hours of content. Some of its noted programs include “Saturday Night Live” and a well-known NBC comedy “Community” from Sony Pictures Television.

The shut down was declared this Monday. Now when you try to visit the Yahoo video service website Yahoo Screen you are taken to the home screen. In case you try to download its Android or iOS app you will no longer be able to do so – the apps have been removed from the app stores. Although if you have the Yahoo Screen app already installed on one of your devices you can still stream episodes of all 3 original Yahoo Screen series – the 6th season of Community and the pilot seasons of Sin City Saints and Other Space.

During its Q3 earnings call in October 2015 the Yahoo video service folks had already declared a loss of $42 million due to some of its TV series projects proving to be money-losers, including Community. The broadcasting rights of the NFL’s first-ever, online-only regular-season game cost Yahoo Screen an additional $10 million, although the service was able to draw an international audience of 15 million.

Is this shutdown another sign of one of the biggest Internet companies dissolving? There was a time when Yahoo was a bigger name than any of the current Internet companies, even Google. And now, its video service cannot even compete with relatively newer companies like Netflix and Recently there was a rumour of Yahoo selling itself although later on it was denied by the company.

All the traffic that is coming to Yahoo Screen is now being redirected to other Yahoo properties although this might not be a consolation as many Yahoo video service users may get angry at this unexpected turn of events (at least from the users’ perspective).

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