Yahoo is being sued for being hacked and not knowing it


Yahoo was hacked in 2014 and the hackers stole private data of more than 500 million Yahoo users including their email IDs, passwords and usernames. The discovery was made by Yahoo while going through some stolen data that it assumed belonged to another third-party company. A bigger problem than being hacked is, especially for a big company like Yahoo, not knowing about it, and consequently, not doing anything about it. Almost for more than two years the company has been oblivious to the fact that it was hacked and private data of 500 million Yahoo users was stolen. And the company is almost on the verge of being bought by Varizon for $4.8 billion.

So Yahoo is being sued for negligence. The lawsuit says that Yahoo demonstrated “disregard for the security of its users’ personal information.”

With its own ongoing problems you can’t completely blame Yahoo, but yes, if the safety of so many people are at stake and you are responsible for the information, aside from handling your problems, you are also supposed to take care of the vast amount of data that you possess, especially when that data can be used to damage people, personally and financially.

The Federal Court in San Jose, California has filed the lawsuit. A New York resident, Ronald Schwartz, has sued Yahoo on behalf of all the Yahoo users in the United States whose personal information was stolen by the hackers. The sought damages are not specified.

The latest incident of a big hacking surfacing and then the class-action lawsuit aren’t going to make things easier for Marissa Mayer who is trying to seek an honourable exit from the beleaguered company after the sale to Varizon.

The lawsuit has been filed first, for not taking user security seriously and second, for not being able to find out in time. It took Yahoo more than two years, and that too accidentally, to discover that records of 500 million Yahoo users had been stolen.

Well, for Yahoo, this may be the last straw.

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