Wrong Google Assistant answer in Google Pixel Times of India ad

Google Pixel ad in Times of India shows wrong answer by Google Assistant

Talk about making a blunder on a large scale. The ad agency in India responsible for promoting the latest Google Pixel smartphones published a full page ad in Times of India and they have shown Google Assistant giving a wrong answer to a user’s query about a flight to London.

As depicted in the ad, when the user asks, “When’s my flight to London?” Google Assistant responds with “United Airlines Flight 83 from DEL to LHR”. LHR means London Heathrow. The problem with this bit of information shown by Google Assistant is the United Airlines flight 83 does not go to the Heathrow airport, it goes to EWR (Newark Liberty International Airport).

Here is what people have been tweeting about the wrong Google Pixel ad in Times of India


As reported by many viewers of the ad, the problem might not be with Google Assistant but with the ad copywriters. They created the copy without actually running the command in Google Assistant. They simply asked a question and then assumed what the answer would be and consequently, creating a wrong answer for the Google Assistant ad for Times of India. Silly chaps. They could have simply asked a smart question from Google Assistant and after receiving the right answer, could have captured a screenshot for the Times of India ad.

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