Would you like to invite non-Google users to hangouts?

Invite non-Google users to Google Hangouts

If you have always wanted to invite non-Google users to Hangouts but haven’t been able to do so there is a good news for you. Google Hangouts is a great tool to organise business as well as personal meetings but a big problem is that you can only invite people who have a Google account. But no matter how great a service it is, not everybody wants and not everybody has a Google account. This makes it difficult to have meetings with outside parties such as clients and consultants.

Although the organisers of Hangouts conferences will need to have Google accounts (obviously) but they can invite people to join in by just clicking a link without having to fill out a form and provide extra information. Organisers will be able to manage adding, muting and ejecting participants from meetings.

On this official Google for Work Blog post Google says that joining a meeting should be as easy as walking into a room. People should have the same experience if they want to join in a conversation. This is how the process works

  1. Invite your external guests (who don’t have a Google account) with Google Calendar
  2. They click a link in the event description and fill in their name
  3. You will get a prompt to accept/deny their entry into the Hangout meeting
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