Worried about losing your AirPods? There is an AirPods cord or strap that can help


With the latest iPhone 7 Apple has introduced AirPods – wireless earbuds. Apple has also done away with the ubiquitous 3.5 mm headphone port. Of course you have to purchase the new AirPods or the wireless earbuds at an extra cost of $159. So obviously losing these AirPods not just causes financial loss, without them, you cannot listen to your favourite songs. Losing your AirPods can be an excruciating situation to be in. Losing your AirPods can leave you without your lifestyle.

A good advantage of having cords with tiny gadgets like earbuds is that it’s difficult to lose them. In fact, if you have a corded earbud wrapped around your tiny iPod it is difficult to even lose your iPod unless you leave it somewhere out of your house. Anyway, back to the AirPods; one of the biggest concerns expressed by people is the fear of losing their AirPods.

A California-based accessories company called Spigen has come up with a solution. It is called an AirPods Strap and if you want it, you can preorder it on Amazon for $10.

The good thing about the AirPods is that you are not going to be confronted with tangled cables. You can just put them into your ears and start listening to your favourite song or track. Right now they look awkward and the risk of losing them is going to prevent many people from buying them, especially considering the fact that you can still use the Lightning port, in combination with another jack that you can use in order to be able to use your good old 3.5 mm headphones or earplugs, but still, it is the beginning of a new technology. Very soon we may have headphones just like the AirPods that will be difficult to lose and they will also look more presentable.

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