Women are more abusive on Twitter than men


When it comes to using abusive and misogynistic language on Twitter  women give direct competition to men  and in fact, women are more abusive on Twitter than men  according to a new study. To those who interact on Twitter on a regular basis this is no surprise. Women actually are more abusive on Twitter than men.

According to this Mashable report the study was conducted by a social intelligence company called Brandwatch on behalf of an anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label.

The researchers used automated and manual data analysis tools to analyse almost 19 million public tweets the study instances of  misogyny and masculinity on social media in general and Twitter in particular.

The researchers analysed the language of around 4 million tweets and concluded that most of the pejorative and abusive tweets came from women  and not from men. According to the English data gathered between  August 2012 and July 2016 women used disparaging language more than men and used animal expressions like bitch, cow and mare more frequently.


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