A Windows phone keyboard that works better in iPhone?


The Microsoft Word Flow keyboard for iOS supports a one-handedly out which is currently not available to Windows phone users. This is a feature that you can use on your iPhone but not on your Windows Phone. A few weeks ago Microsoft started rolling out its iOS version of the Word Flow keyboard. As the name suggests, it gives you the capability to type words and sentences by gliding your finger over the keyboard rather than tapping individual keys.

But for the Word Flow keyboard for the iPhone operating system iOS, it doesn’t just stop there. In the beta version of the keyboard that is only available by invites, according to this link, you can use the keyboard just with your thumb of a single hand. It is an ergonomically designed keyboard that facilitates easy movement of the thumb over the area that displays the keyboard.

The keyboard, when you switch to the one-hand mode, docs to the preferred corner of your screen in the shape of a Japanese fan. Being spreading from the corner, it’s easier to use the keyboard with your thumb. As mentioned above, the new Word Flow keyboard for iOS also supports swipe gestures.

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