Your Windows PC can be hacked using QuickTime vulnerability, so uninstall now


The US computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) has received an urgent call to action by a cyber security firm Trend Micro that since Apple no longer provides support for QuickTime for Windows and given that new vulnerabilities have been announced, people should uninstall QuickTime from their Windows PCs. I know, it’s a bit long sentence but you get the gist.

Basically, there are 2 reasons why you should uninstall QuickTime from your Windows PC if you don’t want someone hacking into your machine:

  1. Apple will be no longer issuing security updates for QuickTime for Windows and they themselves are advising people to uninstall the media player
  2. Two new vulnerabilities have been found, namely, ZDI-16-241 and ZDI-16-242 that may leave your computer open to hacker attacks and since no security updates for QuickTime for Windows are being released, these vulnerabilities aren’t going anywhere

So the only way to protect your Windows PC from these QuickTime vulnerabilities is to properly uninstall the media player.

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