Windows 10 swipe keyboard Word Flow will be soon available on your iPhone

Windows 10 Word Flow Swipe keyboard
Windows 10 Word Flow Swipe keyboard

Apple has lagged behind when it comes to offering different keyboards. In fact, it was only in iOS 9 that you could use third-party keyboards instead of the stock keyboard that comes with your iPhone or iPad. Since swiping facility isn’t available in the stock keyboard, the iPhone and iPad users were denied the opportunity to use this great facility.

Both Android and Windows have had swipe keyboards for a long time. If you’re wondering what is a keyboard, here is a video to give you an idea:

In Android you can use Swiftkey or Touchpal to simply drag your finger on the keyboard in order to write various words and even sentences. The stock Google keyboard also has this feature. Swype keyboard from Nuance also lets your glide your fingers on the keyboard instead of typing individual letters. Windows 10 has Word Flow as an equivalent.

Since you can install third-party keyboards from iOS 9-onwards, you may have already tried out a swipe keyboard on your iPhone or iPad. If Android keyboards aren’t your thing or you have some sort of mental blockade against Android keyboards, you will soon be able to use the Windows 10 swipe keyboard called Word Flow. Right now only a preview version is available but according to the sources, Word Flow will be available to all the users.

Will it have the same experience? It remains to be seen. Most of the third-party keyboards or for that matter many applications that feel great on Android and Windows, look quite lackluster when they are used on an iOS device. For example, the Swiftkey Android keyboard doesn’t even have 50% of its capabilities and features in the iOS version and in fact, it looks something from the mid-2000s. The same may happen with Word Flow when you begin to use it on your iPhone or iPad. But it will certainly be better than having nothing.

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