Does Windows 10 installs itself?

You will no longer get Windows 10 upgrade notifications
 Windows 10 automatically installing itself

The rumour has it that Windows 10 has started installing itself. If you remember, initially, you will get notices from your system that it would be better if you upgraded your system to Windows 10, especially if you are using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. It would give you the option of downloading Windows 10 in the background while you carried on with your work. Then later on, if you wanted, you could go ahead and install Windows 10.

According to this Make Use Of update, many people have reported that their PCs have been upgraded to Windows 10 on their own, without their consent. The Windows 10 operating system has started installing itself, according to a deluge of complaints coming in on various websites. The above update also links to a Reddit thread that contains 3000 comments (there might be more by now) which warns people that Windows 7 computers are automatically being upgraded to Windows 10 without user’s permission and on these machines Windows 10 is installing itself.

Is this legally possible? Can Microsoft do that? Can Windows 10 install itself like this without permission? This is why it’s very important to read the fine print when we are purchasing a product or a service. Maybe in terms and conditions they have written that when they want, they have the permission to upgrade your operating system without your permission?

For quite some time Microsoft has been saying that they will no longer be providing support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 computers. This is fine. But why force people to upgrade to Windows 10 when everybody knows that eventually you will have to pay for the operating system? What if people don’t want to pay for the new operating system as long as they are able to use their existing operating system? There must be some glitch or some communication gap, otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

According to this account of a user published in Computer World, “My computer was working great last night but this morning it said, ‘Microsoft legal agreement’ with bunch of legal information and WAY at the bottom ‘Accept your new Windows 10’ or ‘Decline’.”

The problem is, even when people click “Decline”, something weird seems to be happening, the screen goes blank, the user agreement is shown and the operating system is brought back to the Windows 10 version.

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