Windows 10 has been breaking computers and Microsoft needs to compensate customers

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Microsoft needs to compensate customers whose computers were broken by Windows 10 upgrade

The consumer watchdog group Which? has told Microsoft to compensate consumers whose computers were broken by the Windows 10 update. Ever since Windows 10 has been rolled out, as it happens with various Windows versions, people’s PCs and laptops have been breaking and they have been rendered useless. People have incurred financial losses due to various Windows 10 updates. The various problems faced by people who upgraded their computers (or who were forced to upgrade their computers) include failed Wi-Fi connections, dysfunctional web cams, speakers and printers, lost files, email accounts not sinking and Wi-Fi connections not working.

Due to all these reasons, the consumer watchdog group Which? has asked Microsoft to pay compensation to all those customers whose computers and laptops broke after upgrading to Windows 10.

According to Alex Neill, director of policy at Which?, “Many people are having issues with Windows 10 and we believe Microsoft should be doing more to fix the problem. We rely heavily on our computers to carry out daily activities so, when they stop working, it is frustrating and stressful.”

The watchdog group has discovered that almost 12% of Microsoft customers who had upgraded to Windows 10 reverted to an earlier version because they were not happy with Windows 10. The watchdog has also accused Microsoft of constantly nagging people to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 which is tantamount to harassment.

Recently Microsoft had to pay a US customer $ 10,000 in compensation when she couldn’t use her computer for many days after a failed Windows 10 update rendered it useless. Many customers in the UK have complained that their computers and laptops stopped working after updating to Windows 10 or Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Computers are complicated machines. Although they have become a household product, they are still complex and they should usually be handled by experts. Through years of use people begin to think, erroneously, that they can easily handle tasks like upgrading their systems and updating their operating systems. Many things can go wrong while your operating system is being updated. It is always better to upgrade your operating system under expert supervision.

But this doesn’t absolve Microsoft of its carelessness. The company claims that computers and laptops are actually household products so every update should be seamless without causing any problem to consumers. If consumers are facing problems while upgrading to Windows 10 or to any other version of the operating system, they deserve to be compensated, especially when they cannot use their computers and laptops for many days, and ESPECIALLY when they have to incur financial losses and lose important files due to the glitch.

This gives me another opportunity to stressed upon the point that you should save all your important files (documents, images, videos) in cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive. This way, even if you end up destroying your hardware and software completely (locally) all your files are still there and all you need to do is, sync your folders the next time you get to use your computer or laptop, whether you’re using Windows 10 or any other operating system.

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