Will you have to pay for Windows 10 sooner or later? Is Windows 10 going to remain free?

Is Windows 10 going to remain free
Is Windows 10 going to remain free

Despite various bugs popping up here and there Windows 10 is one of the best operating systems Microsoft has to offer. So far Windows 10 has been free. Free in the sense, you already need to be having a genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8 in order to be able to download a free copy of Windows 10. Millions of people have already installed Windows 10 on their PCs and laptops, but many are wondering, will they have to pay for Windows 10 sooner or later or is Windows 10 going to remain free forever? And still, others have yet to upgrade and remain on the fence. Some people have been against upgrading because they have been dissatisfied by the Group Policy Editor limitations that are present on Windows 10. Luckily, PolicyPak can help in this area. Hopefully, this won’t be stopping you from making the plunge and switching across to Windows 10 in the near future. If you’re one of those people, then you may want to read a review on Tech Smash which weighs up the pros and cons. Once you’re more informed, you can make a decision whether or not to upgrade based on your unique situation.

There isn’t a very clear answer to whether you are going to have to pay for Windows 10 sooner or later or if it is going to remain free forever. For example, someone in this Microsoft Answers forum wonders whether she is going to have to pay for Windows 10. People are speculating that they may have to pay a yearly subscription fee for Windows 10 instead of having to make a one-time purchase. It has also been heard that you may have to pay $ 50 per computer every year for your copy of Windows 10.

Although it is highly unlikely that Microsoft is going to charge for Windows 10 simply because it is primarily focusing on mobile devices. No one has to buy an operating system for a smartphone or a tablet. The cost is included. When you purchase an Android smartphone, you don’t pay for Android. The same is the case for iOS and the same is going to be the case for Windows 10. Microsoft wants 1 billion people to use Windows 10 within a year and this won’t be possible if it starts asking people to pay up. So there’s a great chance that Windows 10 is going to remain free in the foreseeable future, at least for those people who have already installed it. Maybe, sooner or later you may have to pay when you purchase a new copy of the Windows 10 operating system.

Another reason why Windows 10 may remain free for a long time to come is because most of the technology companies consider their operating systems as ecosystems rather than money-making opportunities. You have an operating system environment, you get people hooked to it and then you make money off the devices that use that operating system, and the apps that can be used in that operating system. This is one of the biggest reasons why you may not have to pay for Windows 10 sooner or later and it may remain free forever.

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