You will soon be able to create email addresses in local languages like Hindi and Punjabi


Wouldn’t it be great if you could have email addresses in your own, local languages like Hindi and Punjabi? What about Gujarati? I’m sure my father would love to have an email address in his mother tongue Punjabi.

Companies providing email services like Google, Microsoft and even the local Rediff will be providing you the ability to create email addresses in local languages.

But what exactly do you mean by creating email addresses in local languages? Can’t you already have Yes, you can create Hindi sounding email addresses, but in English script. Soon you’ll be able to create something like बलियां-के-बब्बन@जीमेल.कॉम.

This way people who cannot use English at all will also be able to use email.

People can already create email IDs using languages like Chinese and Korean.

The Indian government recently had a meeting with companies like Google, Microsoft and Rediff and asked the email providers to enable users to create email addresses in local languages, starting with Hindi. The Bharat Net project is aiming to connect 2,50,000 gram panchayats (councils of the village elders) through high-speed Internet and by that time the government wants people to be able to create email addresses in their own languages.

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