Will the new iPhone 6 have an unbreakable screen?

Unbreakable sapphire screen for iPhone 6
Unbreakable sapphire screen for iPhone 6

The upcoming iPhone 6 is expected to have a sapphire glass screen to protect it from breaking easily. A big problem with the iPhone so far has been that its screen easily cracks. Given the fact that you need to carry around your phone everywhere these days there is a very big chance that sooner or later you’re going to drop it. Most of the phones don’t break (I myself have dropped first my Samsung phone and now the HTC, once) but the iPhone does. Many don’t agree, but I think it is the weight that contributes towards the breaking of the screen, but anyway, the crux of the matter is, many people have had this problem.

According to one of the many new expected features in the upcoming iPhone 6 listed in this Time.com article is that Apple is developing a synthetic sapphire screen at its facility in Arizona. Of course it is harder compared to glass and hence, it is going to be comparatively more expensive. According to the article, Apple already uses sapphire over the camera lens in iPhone 5 and over the home button and fingerprint scanner in iPhone 5S.

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