Will Apple release iWatch this September or October?

Probable iWatch shapes
Probable iWatch shapes

After practically every tech company in the world has launched one or another form of smartwatch Apple finally seems to be taking the plunge with the launch of iWatch, probably this September or October, according to various rumours on the Internet. Even if the smartwatch is not launched physically, some sort of declaration, it is being speculated, will be made during the iPhone 6 launch early September. According to this Network World update the iWatch release may be pushed back to 2015. Whether it releases its smartwatch this year or the next year, this is a product where Apple has lagged behind Samsung, for that matter even Xiaomi.

What do people expect of Apple iWatch? Just like any other Apple product, it will be of very high quality in terms of make and features, and also compatibility with existing Apple products such as iPhone, iPad and even its laptops and computers (that makes sense). Just like any other smartwatch, it may carry many health-oriented sensors to tell you how much you have walked or run, how many calories you have consumed, what is the weather around you and so on. You may also be able to check email messages and social networking website updates this like any other smartwatch available these days in the market. According to the reports appearing on Reuters and The Wall Street Journal iWatch may come in variants of 2.5 and 2.7 inch screens. There is no consensus on the shape of the screen – some say it will be rectangular, some say, it will be circular and some say it might just be in the shape of a band. The Macrumors blog claims that whatever might be the shape, at least one model will include a durable sapphire crystal display.

Aside from the ability to work on its own, independently, it will also sync with your iOS 8 devices – the underlying operating system on which iWatch will be working.

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