Will Amazon Prime Video be a Netflix killer in India?


Until just a year ago, premium video streaming services were a novelty in India. People had heard of Hulu and Netflix, but the services were either available through proxy servers or they weren’t available at all. A few months ago, Netflix started streaming its content in India and it has experienced a steady growth. Yes, cable channels with set-top boxes still rule the roost, but families like ours have quietly switched over to Netflix. It seems the demand for video streaming services in India is increasing. The success of Netflix is one sign. Another sign is, the launching of Amazon Prime Video India this November 9, 2016. Will Amazon Prime Video be a Netflix killer in India? Depends on how serious you are about what content you want to access.

Compared to Netflix Amazon Prime Video would be cheaper. Right now, the minimum monthly subscription for Netflix is around Rs. 600. That’s almost Rs. 7000 per year. According to reports appearing on the Internet, the annual subscription for Amazon Prime Video is going to be just around Rs. 500 and that too, along with the usual Amazon Prime service. Amazon Prime is a separate service offered by Amazon to offer various goodies like free delivery or cheaper delivery and special offers to its subscribers. People who already subscribe to Amazon Prime will have free access to Amazon Prime Video. This can cause lots of problem for Netflix which, compared to Amazon Prime Video, seems very expensive.

This is an advantage that bigger companies have over companies selling just one product. Recently I switched to OneDrive from Google Drive and then to OneNote from Evernote (I was paying both for Google Drive and Evernote Premium) simply because I’m getting the services free with my Office365 subscription. The same may happen with Amazon Prime subscribers.

But then again, will Amazon Prime Video be able to get Netflix subscribers like me? Right now, I don’t think so. At least not based on the monthly fee, although, I would prefer that Netflix brings its fee down. The problem will be with people who already subscribe to Amazon Prime (I do) because for them, the content will be free. Otherwise it depends on the sort of content you want to access. If the TV series and movies that I want to watch are there on Netflix but not on Amazon Prime Video, I would like to switch. I would only switch if the programs and movies that I want to see are there on Amazon Prime Video but not on Netflix.

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