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You can use voice commands in pretty much every software so why shouldn’t they be available in tools that allow you to edit photos? Adobe is trying to achieve that. The company has released a video that shows a man using an iPad to carry out basic photo editing functions and uses voice commands. The man doesn’t just added the photo, he also post the photo on Facebook using the voice command which means Adobe wants your photo editing tool to be totally social. First, here is a video:

Whether the Adobe tool being used to edit photos uses an artificial intelligence system to integrate voice commands or a simple interface isn’t yet clear. The problem with such a voice-enabled system would be that there might be scores of commands to learn when you are editing photos using an advanced photo editing tool. The wise interpreter should be able to understand natural voice commands and not just voice commands, different versions of the same commands so that the person using the photo editing tool doesn’t have to memorise complex commands in order to edit photos.

Can you edit photos using complex voice commands in the Adobe photo editing tool?

It isn’t clear from the video above because the man using the tool to edit photos gives very basic commands. He first has to tap the microphone icon to activate the voice commands interface. Then he reframes the photograph as a square. After making the photo square he tells the photo editing tool to flip the photo horizontally. Pay attention that he tells the photo editing tool to “flip it sideways” but the wise interfaces “flip horizontally” which means you can use natural language to edit photos using the Adobe for editing tool. The commands that you give to the Adobe photo editing tool can also be undone. To undo the recent command he simply says, “No, go back,” and the photo editing tool says, “Undo”.

Then the person says “I like it” which must be equivalent to the “Apply” or “OK” button.

Can Adobe take voice commands mainstream to edit photos?

It depends on the required learning curve. Adobe isn’t known for simplistic photo and video editing tools. When you edit photos using one of the Adobe image editing tools, you can carry out very complex photo editing tasks and these tasks might not be possible with voice commands. For example, you want to change that change colour of the photo at the very minute level,, in modern just a few pixels or a very small dimension. The city very difficult to achieve using voice commands. Or if you select till you want to remove the background of an object in an image.

I think people should be able to give basic voice commands to the editing tools and when they have to carry a really complex jobs they will be resorting to manual work.

Adobe may also be trying to enter a mass market. Right now its photo and image editing tools are sold for a very specialised jobs. They are used for image and video editing professionals. Adobe certainly is not the best video editing software for beginners, and novices should probably look elsewhere when first entering the world of video editing. Common folks don’t use Adobe tools to edit photos because there are so many features that it would be an overkill and also it won’t be cost-effective (most of the Adobe tools are expensive for everyday use).

But if Adobe introduces a very basic photo editing tool that common folks can use to edit photos using voice commands, then such an interface may be feasible.

Would you like to edit photos using voice commands?


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