Who sold more smartphones and tablets this Christmas? Samsung or Apple?


Both Samsung and Apple are major electronics companies selling smartphones and tablets all over the world so there is a natural competition going on between both the companies regarding who sells more smartphones and tablets, especially during the festive season of Christmas.

During festive seasons like Christmas more smartphones and tablets are purchased as gifts and as the age of owning these gadgets is drastically coming down – this Christmas almost 31% of Australians were planning to give smartphones to their 5-year-olds as Christmas gifts – the tech companies are the biggest beneficiaries of the festive seasons.

Did Samsung sell more smartphones and tablets this Christmas or Apple?

Well, Apple was the clear winner according to this BGR report. The report says that 44% of new phone activations were Apple devices and 21% were Samsung devices – that’s more than double. Samsung though, did 1% better than the previous year despite the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphones exploding all over the world. The BGR report quotes a Flurry research that gave Huawei the third position with 3% of the sales, ahead of LG, Amazon, Oppo, Xiaomi and Motorola, with 2% each. Presented below is the Flurry visual representation of how much each company sold this Christmas.

did Apple sell more smartphones and tablets this Christmas or Samsung

Although the research doesn’t say among the devices which particular smartphone models and tablets were sold the most, but it says that more and more people are buying bigger phones, what they call these days “phablets”.

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