Which were the top Android apps in 2016?

top Android apps of 2016 by Nielsen

In terms of downloads and usage, the Facebook mobile app was the most used app of 2016 with 146 million average unique users per month. It has seen a 14% growth over the last year for Facebook. Among the top 10 Android apps of 2016, Facebook grabbed three positions: the Facebook main app no. 1, Facebook Messenger no. 2 and Instagram (owned by Facebook) no. 8. Interestingly, WhatsApp doesn’t appear among the top-used Android apps of 2016.

After Facebook, it’s Google. YouTube comes 3rd with almost 113 million unique users monthly. Surprisingly, after YouTube it’s Google Maps at no. 4. The Gmail Android app features at no. 7.

Apple Music is at no. 9 and the Amazon app is the last.

Here is the complete graph of the top 10 Android apps of 2016:

top Android apps of 2016 by Nielsen

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