Which was the most reputed mobile phone brand in India in 2016?

Most reputed mobile phone brands in India
Most reputed mobile phone brands in India

Of course being the most reputed mobile phone brand, whether in India or elsewhere, doesn’t mean that it is also the most selling mobile phone brand, but in India, the most reputed mobile phone brand of 2016 was indisputably, iPhone. Whether one has it or not, one wants an iPhone unless, there is a strong reason not to have it. For example, yours truly is a great Android fan due to various practical reasons and never envisions himself having an iPhone unless it is given to him for free.

According to this link, iPhone is the most reputed mobile brand for 2016 in India, followed by Samsung and then Micromax. The third option is a surprise, actually considering there are many reputed, international brands in India. Micromax mobile phones are good, but there are better mobile phones available in the market. But this is a nice achievement: within a few years they have brought themselves at par with companies like Apple and Samsung. Accolades deserved.

Xiaomi comes forth and, surprisingly, Nokia comes fifth when there are Motorola, LG and Huawei to compete with. Maybe Nokia got an advantage due to its long-lasting presence in the country. There was time when only Nokia mobile phones were available.

The link further says that 72 mobile phone brands were listed from 12 different countries by the media analytics company BlueBytes. The research was done in association with the business intelligence company TRA Research.

As I have mentioned above, the reputation doesn’t necessarily mean sales. The company selling the most mobile phones in India right now should be either Samsung or Micromax but lots of prestige is attached to Apple products whether it’s the iPad, or the iPhone or even the lesser-used iPod. If one wants to own an expensive mobile phone, he or she goes with an iPhone rather than the higher-end

Samsung or an LG mobile phone unless he or she is unaware of the existence of the iPhone or there is a strong reason to buy an Android phone. It’s difficult to imagine someone purchasing an expensive Micromax mobile phone because the brand is known for cheaper mobile phones.

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