Which is the most humanlike AI in the world right now?


The biggest progress in AI is being made in chatbots and right now, the most humanlike AI, being used in a chatbot, is the Mitsuku chatbot that has been awarded as the most humanlike AI in the world by the Loebner Prize which is given to the most advanced artificial intelligence systems in the world. The Mitsuku chatbot came at the top in 2013 and again, in 2016, it has topped the charts.

A chatbot is an interface, preferably a humanlike interface that can hold conversations with you. As technology plays a large part in many businesses, it comes as no surprise to find that some companies are using a chatbot maker to add this feature to their business. It is important to move with the times, as the use of technology and programs can make such a difference, if used in the right way. More prevalent examples of chatbots are Siri, Cortana and these days, Google Assistant. These are much more advanced chatbots but even Siri, that was unofficially entered into the contest, came 14th in 2013 when the Mitsuku chatbot was declared the most humanlike AI in the world.

But what’s the Loebner Prize? As explained on this link, the Loebner Price, created by Hugh Loebner, can be compared to the Turing Test. Turing test is a test of intelligence of a computer. By the yardstick of this test, responses generated by a computer should be indistinguishable from that of a human being.

The same yardstick is applied to the contemporary chatbots and the AI used in it. This is why the most humanlike AI systems are being used in chatbots not just among operating systems like Windows 10, Android and iOS, but also among instant messaging apps like Facebook Messenger and Google Allo. In fact, right now, Google Assistant is mostly available in Google’s instant messaging app rather than a standalone AI interface.

Chatbots are being used by businesses to provide answers to queries put forward by customers and clients. For example, using the Pizza Hut chatbot for Facebook Messenger, you can place an order for a pizza within the Facebook Messenger using the Pizza Hut chatbot without ever realizing that you’re talking to an AI-powered chatbot rather than a human being. In order to be as humanlike as possible, an AI should be able to interact with you in a highly conversational tone and you should not be able to make out that you’re talking to a machine.

Hundreds of thousands of people are employed by companies to provide real-time support to their customers and clients. If the chatbots can be implemented there will be no need to employ human beings to answer most of the support-related questions. Although such AI-driven chatbots may take away jobs, the quality of support will be improved manifold. But this is just one implementation of AI in chatbots.

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