Which is the biggest data carrier in the world? Reliance Jio


With 16,000TB of 4G data whizzing through its networks, Reliance Jio has become world’s biggest data carrier. And this is just after two months of its launch. In just two months, Reliance Jio is handling data traffic more than any other telecom operator in the world. It’s primarily due to its “Welcome Offer” that provides free connectivity and free calling till December 31, 2016.

Within a month of its launch, Reliance Jio acquired 16 million new subscribers, though, most of the subscribers could have subscribed to the service because right now it’s free. The company sources say that it is acquiring anywhere between 0.6 million and 1.1 million new users every day ever since its launch.

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has asked Reliance Jio to stop its “Welcome Offer” by December 3, 2016 but the company says that although its usage is going to remain free till December 31, 2016, it won’t accept new subscribers December 3 onwards.

Reliance Jio is handling 16,000TB of data per day, according to Credit Suisse, a financial services company, making it the biggest data carrier in the world. For comparison, China Mobile handles 12,000TB of mobile data in a day and Vodafone Global handles 6000 TB of data per day.

But the record of being the biggest data carrier in the world comes with caveats. The company stands fifth when it comes to providing actual data speed. In that sense, Airtel seems to be able to provide 11.4Mb per second. After this it’s Reliance Jio’s parent company Reliance Communications that registered 7.9Mb per second. Idea Cellular comes third with 7.6Mb per second and the fourth spot is taken by Vodafone with an average download speed of 7.3Mb per second. Reliance Jio comes fifth with an average 6.2Mb per second.

At least when it comes to providing telephony and Internet services although Reliance has played a pivotal role in democratizing the services, it compensates its gargantuan effort with a less than average service.

Reliance is one of the biggest disruptors in this field in India. It doesn’t provide exceptional-quality services but it certainly forces other companies to tighten their belts.

When Reliance started offering mobile phone connectivity it was known for cheap mobile phones and poor connectivity but still you would find almost everybody on Indian roads carrying its mobile phones. It was thanks to Reliance that calling rates were drastically brought down. The same is happening even now. Although the service is poor the rates are going to be so low that other carriers will be forced to bring down the rates and improve their services to differentiate themselves from Reliance Jio – a win-win situation for consumers.

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