Which is the best browser to watch HD Netflix

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Which is the best browser to watch Netflix in HD

You will be quite surprised to know which is the best browser to watch HD Netflix. If you haven’t given the stock browser that comes with your Windows operating system – Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge – a second look ever since you installed Windows on your machine, then perhaps this is the right time to dig it out, at least to watch HD Netflix.

According to this Business Insider report, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, along with Apple’s Safari browser, are the best browsers to watch HD Netflix with 1080p. The rest of the browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and even everybody’s cutely favourite Opera, are stuck with 720p.

In this blog post titled Get better quality video with Microsoft Edge, the writers claim that Microsoft Edge has been engineered to optimize for and take advantage of the Windows 10 built-in media capabilities and this makes it the best browser to watch HD Netflix. The blog post says that Netflix sends higher resolution and bit rate video to Microsoft Edge compared to other browsers.

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According to the post, “The fact that Microsoft Edge received 1080p content in our power test means it actually ran a somewhat higher power draw than it otherwise would have playing 720p content like the other browsers. Microsoft Edge provided the highest quality content and also deliver the longest battery life.”

This claim has also been backed by PC World in a post titled Confirmed: Only Microsoft Edge will play Netflix content at 1080p on your PC.

If you are skeptical about the Microsoft Edge claim, the PC World post suggests you to press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D to display the resolution and bit rate while playing an HD Netflix video. Here is the Reddit link on the topic.

Which is why if you want to really watch HD Netflix you should use, at least for the time being, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge if you are using Windows and Safari if you’re using Mac OS.

Such problems are not there if you are watching HD Netflix from your mobile device which is already equipped with playing Netflix video is in the appropriate format because it uses the stock Netflix app.

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