WhatsApp video calls are coming. Video calling is there in WhatsApp beta


Video calling in WhatsApp has been conspicuously missing. Video calling is available practically in every popular instant messaging app but somehow it has been missing in WhatsApp. If you have been waiting for it, your wait is going to be over very soon. In WhatsApp beta (not available to everybody yet) the video calling feature has started showing up, according to this The Verge update.

It seems the video chat was introduced previously in WhatsApp beta but then it was removed and now it has again been introduced. The feature first started appearing in May 2016 but then it was removed without apparent reason. The video calling feature was available in WhatsApp beta in Android, iOS and even Windows 10.

Of course right now both the parties must be running WhatsApp beta in order to be able to have video calling. Since it has been reintroduced in WhatsApp beta, you can expect it to be soon available to everybody.

Right now you can make video calls using other messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and Google Allo. Since WhatsApp is one of the most widely used instant messaging apps people would really like to use the video calling function in it.

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