How to use WhatsApp as a native desktop app for Windows and Mac


You must have searched multiple times for the query how to use WhatsApp as a native desktop app for Windows and Mac. There are many workarounds. One of the most prevalent workarounds is installing an Android simulator first on Windows PC and then installing WhatsApp within that Android simulator.

There is no need to do that now. If you want to use WhatsApp as a native desktop app for Windows and even on Mac, as explained in this WhatsApp blog post titled Introducing WhatsApp’s desktop app, just follow the following steps:

  1. Download the WhatsAppSetup.exe file from this link and save it somewhere on your PC
  2. Run the EXE file WhatsAppSetup.exe
  3. You will see a window like this on your PC desktop:
  4. This screen is a bit confusing – you don’t have to go to the menu bar or sign in somewhere
  5. Below the big QR code there are instructions for various phones
  6. Since WhatsApp is primarily a phone instant messaging app, it will simply connect to your phone in order to display messages and give you other WhatsAppy functions, so you need your phone constantly running
  7. Let’s say you have an Android phone. Pick up your phone and launch WhatsApp
  8. Go to the Settings
  9. From Settings go to WhatsApp Web
  10. This section instructs you to scan the QR code present on your PC desktop native app for WhatsApp
  11. Once your mobile phone has scanned the QR code on your PC, your WhatsApp will be running on your PC as a native app

So this is how you can now run WhatsApp as a native Windows or Mac desktop app.

What’s the benefit of running WhatsApp on your Windows PC or Mac desktop? Well, it’s easier sometimes to type messages with your PC keyboard rather than your mobile phone keyboard especially if you want to type in longer messages. Besides, if you want to continuously check your WhatsApp messages but you don’t want to take your eyes off your PC desktop, you can simply use the Windows PC native WhatsApp app rather than having to check your phone repeatedly.

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