WhatsApp has made video calling available to everybody now


The talk of video calling in WhatsApp has been around for a long time. First it was around December 2015 that people were talking about making video calls using WhatsApp. Then the news again resurfaced somewhere in May 2016. Last month video calling was made available in WhatsApp beta. And finally, everybody can make video calls using WhatsApp. All of its 1 billion users can now make video calls on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

The video calling button or icon isn’t directly visible on the WhatsApp interface. You need to tap on the old call icon and when you tap on it, a pop-up appears asking if you would like to make a voice call or video call. Just select the “video call” icon in order to make a video call.

The usual video calling functions are available here also. You can switch between the facing camera and the rear camera while having the video call. You can mute the call if you need to cough for a while or if you want to curse but don’t want to give the audio pleasure to the other party. Of course the red button is for hanging up.

Video calling has come a bit late in WhatsApp but strangely, people haven’t been missing it. Nobody has ever said hey, there is no video calling on WhatsApp so I’m not going to use it. People use WhatsApp mostly to share messages. Facebook Messenger has had a video calling since the beginning perhaps. Even Skype has had video calling forever. Apple’s FaceTime has been a staple for iPhone and iPad users. Recently Google launched Google Duo – a minimalistic video chatting app. There are some other video calling apps but they are not as mainstream as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and FaceTime.

If the video calling feature isn’t yet showing in WhatsApp then you need to updated to the latest version.

Update: The new change is gradually being rolled out so you may not see the video calling function in WhatsApp right now but it should be available very soon.

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